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The Gap Year; taking the time to maximize your future.

The DHS PTA invites students and parents to attend a free presentation of The Gap Year; taking the time to maximize your future.

Our invited speaker, Ethan Knight, is the founder of American Gap Association. a nonprofit in Portland, Oregon, that establishes best practices in Gap year education. www.americangap.org

Ethan has led countless leadership training seminars, presented at TEDx, founded five organizations, traveled in more than 50 countries, and sent more than 3,000 students overseas.

"This presentation will be a guide to building your own Gap Year. We will touch on the role parents should have, some planning and funding techniques, and how to present this experience to colleges. As part of our discussion, we will have a panel of Gap Year alumni to share first-person stories. Attendees will walk away with a better understanding of how to maximize the benefits of a Gap Year through good planning, creative funding strategies and how to integrate it with the college experience."

October 6, 2016 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm
Davis Senior High School Brunelle Auditorium
For more information call 530-304-0506
Reserve a seat at: brownpapertickets.com

Our special thanks to the DaVinci HS Boosters for helping us sponsor this event!

Davis,CA - 2/28/2017
More details to come



President Susan Strachan                
Executive Vice President  Lori Benedict
1st Vice President (Grants) Mike Fee
2nd Vice President (Programs) Lisa McDaniel
3nd Vice President (Membership)          Kristi Gladding
Secretary Lisa Haass
Treasurer  Sida Leavitt
Financial Secretary   Chris Blackman
Auditor  Madelyn Schwartz       
Parlimentarian  Anne Finkelston



Davis Parent University Representative             Emily Ault
Directory Chair   Helen Ma
Hospitality Committee Chair  Lori Schilling-Davis
Membership Chair  Ashley Prince
Programs Chair    Camille Melendres
Scrip Chair   Betsy O'Hanlon
Senior Awards Chair  Brandi Lutzker
Volunteer Chair  Betsy O'Hanlon



PTA Listserv Administrator   Nancy Wright
Class of 2017 Lister Administrator  Stacy Welsh
Class of 2018 Lister Administrator  Emily Ault
Class of 2019 Lister Administrator  Tracey Long
Newsletter Editor   Jennifer Short
Webmaster Andrea Johnston          



2015-16 PTA accomplishments:

  • PTA awarded over $20,000 to the DHS community through its Partners in Education (PIE) grants and will donate additional money by the end of the 2016 school year.
  • PTA survey.
  • PTA Parent Education presented 2 programs that ranged from college finance to student stress management.
  • PTA Hospitality continues to host meals and snacks to thank DHS Teachers/Staff throughout the school year.
  • PTA sends out announcements via our parent listservs and publish monthly newsletters to keep the DHS community informed.

2014-2015 highlights:

  • PTA donated over $23,000 to the DHS community through its Partners in Education (PIE) grant program.
  • PTA donated money for the purchase of several filtered water filling stations installed on the DHS campus.
  • PTA Parent Education presented 4 programs that ranged in topics from the advantages of the California college system to the positive effects of early exposure to contemporary music.
  • PTA Hospitality hosted meals and snacks as well as organized prizes to motivate and thank DHS Teachers/Staff throughout the school year.
  • PTA/Class Listserver sent over 200 timely announcements to improve DHS to Parent communication.
  • PTA published 8 Monthly Newsletters.
  • Learn more about PTA