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Get to know your PTA officers and DHS representatives.  Learn what is happening at the school.  Join us for our May PTA meeting on Wednesday, May 4 at 7 pm in the DHS library.  Hope to see you there. 

See what our Junior Race and Social Justice students have been doing.

The 7th Annual RSJ Research Symposium will be held on Tuesday, May 17th, 2016 from 5:00-7:30 p.m. in the Davis Senior High South Gym (315 W. 14th Street).  Students across 9 sections of Race and Social Justice in U.S. History (an 11th grade history course) will be presenting their yearlong research.  Students were asked to identify a problem or issue in the United States.  Then, they researched the extent to which these problems exist in the Davis community.  Finally, they proposed feasible solutions to help alleviate the problem in Davis.  5:00-7:00 p.m. will be an open house; guests are welcome to peruse the 45 research projects and ask students questions.  7:00-7:30 will consist of formal, in-depth presentation and discussion by one research group.

Please stop by and share in the amazing research done by our 11th grade classes.

RSJ Teachers Kevin Williams, Caitlin Butler, Fern O'Brien
RSJ Student Teachers Evan Underwood - Jett, Kelsey Hoult


Below are links to student's research findings:
Ideal Person
Top SAT Prep Resources
Student neglection of the passenger restriction law




President Susan Strachan                
Executive Vice President   
1st Vice President (Grants) Mike Fee
2nd Vice President (Programs) Lisa McDaniel
3nd Vice President (Membership)          Kristi Gladding
Secretary Lisa Haass
Treasurer  Sida Leavitt
Financial Secretary   Chris Blackman
Auditor  Madelyn Schwartz       
Parlimentarian  Anne Finkelston



Davis Parent University Representative     Emily Ault
Directory Chair   Helen Ma
Grant Committee Chair Evelyn Hahn
Hospitality Committee Chair  Lori Schilling-Davis       
Membership Chair  Ashley Prince
Programs Chair     Camille Melendres              
Scrip Chair   Betsy O'Hanlon
Senior Awards Chair  Brandi Lutzker
Volunteer Chair  Betsy O’Hanlon



PTA Listserv Administrator   Nancy Wright
Class of 2017 Lister Administrator  Stacy Welsh
Class of 2018 Lister Administrator  Emily Ault
Class of 2019 Lister Administrator  Tracey Long
Newsletter Editor   Jennifer Short
Webmaster Andrea Johnston          



2015-16 PTA accomplishments thus far:

  • PTA donated approximately $12,500 to the DHS community through its Partners in Education (PIE) grants and will donate additional money by the end of the 2016 school year.
  • PTA is currently surveying the DHS community to identify worthy projects to fund in addition to the PIE grant donations.
  • PTA Parent Education presented 2 programs that ranged from college finance to student stress management.
  • PTA Hospitality continues to host meals and snacks to thank DHS Teachers/Staff throughout the school year.
  • PTA continues to send out announcements via our parent listservs and publish monthly newsletters to keep the DHS community informed.

2014-2015 highlights:

  • PTA donated over $23,000 to the DHS community through its Partners in Education (PIE) grant program.
  • PTA donated money for the purchase of several filtered water filling stations installed on the DHS campus.
  • PTA Parent Education presented 4 programs that ranged in topics from the advantages of the California college system to the positive effects of early exposure to contemporary music.
  • PTA Hospitality hosted meals and snacks as well as organized prizes to motivate and thank DHS Teachers/Staff throughout the school year.
  • PTA/Class Listserver sent over 200 timely announcements to improve DHS to Parent communication.
  • PTA published 8 Monthly Newsletters.
  • Learn more about PTA