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Q  Is Integrated Math 3 Honors a weighted class?  It was not underlined on page 18 of the course list.

Integrated Mathematics 3 Honors will be a weighted grade.  It was not underlined because we are in the process of getting a-g approval.  We do not anticipate a problem with getting it approved.

Q  Are we able to sign up for both fall and spring for Athletics Strength and Conditioning? Or is only one semester allowed?

Students may sign up for up to 10 credits of ILS:  fall and spring; fall and winter; or winter and spring.

We were told at Parent Night that our students would be given locker forms. My son did not receive a locker form. The purple form also says to return the locker form with their course requests.

Where should we get a locker form?

Sophomores will now be given their own locker, so there is no longer a need to submit a locker form.


1. If my child takes 3 years of Spanish, does the 3rd year count to satisfy the "G" (a-g) requirement?
    OR if he takes Bio, Chem, and physics, will physics count to satisfy the "G" requirement?
2. Does 3 years of Spanish count toward 30 units of the 75 units needed for electives, or will only the 3rd year count for 10 units toward electives?
3. Do any classes taken count toward the 75 units of electives if the student has already completed the requirements needed to graduate? (2 years of math needed to graduate, if the student takes 4 years of math, will the 2 extra years count toward an elective)

The “electives” for high school graduation and a-g requirement is always confusing.
For high school, any course not needed to meet a high school graduation requirement automatically becomes an elective.  If the student takes a world language all the courses become electives because we do not have a high school graduation requirement for world language.  High school starts in 9th grade.  If he took Spanish 3 in 9th grade, he would receive 10 elective credits.  If he took Spanish 2 in 9th grade and Spanish 3 in 10th grade, he would receive 20 elective credits.

The UC/CSU’s require 2 years of the same language but 3 years are recommended for UC’s.  Spanish 1 and 2 would count for “e” and the 3rd year would count for a “g” elective.  For UC’s he would get extra points in the comprehensive review for completing the 3rd year.

If he took biology, chemistry and physics then biology and chemistry would count for “d” and physics would count for “g” which is elective.  For UC’s he would get extra points in the comprehensive review for taking 3 years of a lab science.

The high school graduation requirement for math is two years.  Math taken beyond the 2 years automatically is counted as an elective.

Students who complete the high school graduation requirements will automatically complete the “g” elective requirement because they must take US Gov’t and economics as a senior.  Both of these count for the “g” elective requirement.

This is why electives are confusing and we tell students that as long as they are meeting their high school graduation requirements and a-g requirements they will be fine with the electives.