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Class of 2018 Listserv Signup

PLEASE NOTE THAT AT THE BEGINNING OF EACH school year all parents with class of 2018 students will automatically be subscribed to the 2018 parent listserver. You may unsubscribe at any time, however this valuable listserver will provide you with a venue for parent to parent communication, class specific information and counselor questions.


About DHS2018 Subscription to this unmoderated listserver requires email address confirmation. Those who have been identified as unrelated to this class may be removed without notice. The list of subscribers can be viewed by the list administrators but not the subscribers. Only subscribed members can post and receive messages.

Disclaimer: Except for email sent by the DHS PTA, message contents are entirely the ideas, opinions, and responsibility of the senders, not the PTA's.
How to subscribe 1. Fill in the form
2. Read the important note below, then click "Subscribe"
3. To complete the subscription, you MUST send back the confirmation email.

Your name:
Email address [=REPLY-TO]:
Name of your student in the class of 2018
Your student's current Jr. High
Phone (optional):

Important Note: An email requesting confirmation of your email address will be sent to you. When you receive it, simply send it back by using your Reply and Send commands without altering any part of the email. You can start using this listserver when you receive notification of completed subscription.

How to use

Only subscribed members of this list can post and receive messages.
To post a message to all the members, send email to DHS2018@mailman.dcn.org.

When you use Reply All to respond to an email, all subscribers on the list will receive your response.

If you've signed up but haven't received any email, please see Troubleshooting.

For questions, please contact dhs2018-owner@mailman.dcn.org.

This listserver is generously hosted by the Davis Community Network using Mailman