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Newsletter Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines

These guidelines apply to all DHS PTA communication channels - the newsletter, listservers, and website. Only announcements that fall within the guidelines will be disseminated.



  • The subject must be related to school, PTA or DJUSD. It must follow State and National PTA guidelines for noncommercial, nonpartisan, and nonsectarian policies.
  • Send directly to DHSPTAmedia@mailman.dcn.org.  We follow Internet and journalistic protocol and cannot disseminate forwarded or second-hand announcements.  Please include your name, e-mail, and phone.
  • You may include the article in the body of the e-mail in plain text or you may submit a Word document as an attachment.
  • Deadlines are noted in the newsletters as well as on the PTA website. See dates.
  • When appropriate, the information submitted will also be posted on the PTA listserver, class-level listserver and/or the PTA website irrespective of the newsletter deadlines.
  • Publication is subject to space availability.
  • The newsletter generally comes out the beginning of each month during the school year with the exception of the following combined months: Aug/Sept, Jan/Feb, and May/June. Submissions regarding information that is happening before the date of distribution will be subject to the LATE SUBMISSION POLICY described below.
  • See "Announcements for the Daily Bulletin" below for announcements intended for students.

Note: When you send an announcement to the e-mail address DHSPTAmedia@mailman.dcn.org, PTA volunteers responsible for the newsletter, listserver, and website as well as the PTA Executive VP will simultaneously receive your message and will help you disseminate it to the DHS community through the appropriate channel(s). This is a permanent address to help streamline school-wide and district-wide communication.

Newsletter Deadlines

1 Oct. Sept. 22, 2017 Oct. 2, 2017
2 Nov. Oct. 27,  2017 Nov. 2,  2017
3 Dec./Jan. Nov. 17, 2017 Dec. 1, 2017
4 Feb. Jan. 22, 2018 Feb. 1, 2018
5 Mar. Feb. 19, 2018 Mar. 1, 2018
6 Apr. Mar. 19, 2018 Apr. 2, 2018
7 May/June Apr. 23,  2018 May 1, 2018

Late Submission Policy

Late submissions will either be put in a subsequent issue or discarded. However, late submissions that meet the following criteria may be sent out via the school-wide PTA Listserver at the discretion of the PTA Listserver Coordinator:

  1. The information is time-sensitive AND is of an urgent or emergency nature.
  2. Circumstances did not allow submitting before the newsletter deadline.

The intent of this policy is to encourage using the newsletter. We also try to avoid burdening busy parents with too many e-mail messages from PTA.