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Last year, DHS PTA had approximately 600 members supporting our students, staff and PTA programs.  Membership in DHS PTA connects you with what is happening at your student's school as well as offers you a variety of ways to get involved and share experiences with other parents and DHS staff.  PTA membership costs $15.00 per individual per year and is also available to DHS students. 


Our PTA serves almost 2000 students and 150 staff members.  We do this with an efficient and effective volunteer force.  We have some standing  groups that don't require a huge commitment and one-time opportunities. Please download the PTA volunteer form to get started today!

Partner's in Education (PIE)

Last year, DHS-PTA raised over $20,000 from this donation campaign which went directly back to support the school, the students, and the classrooms and was used to fund requests for classroom supplies, school activities, field trips and professional development.


DHS PTA also gladly accepts donations through SCRIP programs from families that are not directing their donations to their sports, music or club groups. 


If you haven't already signed up for Nugget scrip to fundraise for a favorite, booster club, please consider creating a membership to donate directly to DHS PTA.  Last year, Nugget Market donated over $3,000 to DHS PTA which was utilized by our Partners in Education (PIE) grants to fund everything from teacher training to student software, and from athletic equipment to biology materials.  

Nugget Market donates between 1 and 4% of your total monthly purchases to the scrip program.  If you are interested in participating, please contact PTA Scrip Representative, Natalie Lindquist, who has the cards to get your family started.  Scrip cards will be mailed to your home, but you will need to register them online with Nugget Market at www.nuggetmarket.com/community. Please be sure to select Davis Senior High School PTA as one of the organizations that you would like to support. DHS PTA requests that you support your booster club, before contributing to the PTA.