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Please consider joining the 2018-2019 DHS PTA board  

Davis High School PTA’s Nominating Committee is currently looking for volunteers to fill vacant positions for the 2018-2019 school year.  If you are interested in getting involved with the Davis High School PTA, then please contact Natalie Lindquist at lindq530@gmail.com to see what position might be a good fit for your area of interest.  We look forward to another great year of supporting the students and staff of DHS next year, and we’d love to have you join our team!

Interesting Race and Social Justice Research Results


Students in Race and Social Justice conducted a survey that concluded some interesting information:


Aside from themselves, boys at Davis High feel academic pressure from parents, specifically fathers.


Aside from themselves, girls at Davis High feel academic pressure from themselves.


Girls and boys both rated their stress levels as 7’s, 8’s, and 9’s on a scale of 10.


Girls feel most confident in STEM classes (Science, Math, Engineering, and Technology).


Boys have an even split of confidence in STEM and liberal arts classes (English, History, Language.)


The following students worked diligently on this powerful information:

Surina Beal

Kaylee Morgan 

Ares Palubicki 

Miles Brower-Douglas 

Emily Seybold


President Joy Klineberg
Executive VP (Communications) Karen Yoon
1st Vice President (Grants) Heema Govindjee-Merchant
2nd Vice President (Membership) Merissa Leamy
Secretary Stephanie Malone
Treasurer Yuliya Yarovaya
Auditor Allison Chilcott
Financial Secretary Clare Richards





Sally Albertson

Executive Vice President 

Melody Ewey

1st Vice President (Grants)

Heema Govindjee-Merchant

2nd Vice President  

Joy Klineberg


Stephanie Malone


Karen Fee

Financial Secretary  

Anne Finkelston 


Laura Shapiro    


Natalie Lindquist



Davis Parent University Representative

Lori Benedict

Directory Chair


Hospitality Committee Chair

Joanna Purves

Scrip Representative

Lori Benedict

Senior Awards Chair

Deborah Folb

PTA Programs - Gap Year Fair

Yuliya Yarovaya



PTA Listserv Administrator                       

Michelle Agnew

Class of 2019 Listserv Administrator 

Tracey Long

Class of 2020 Listserv Administrator 

Alice Belenis

Class of 2021 Listserv Administrator

Emily Ault

Newsletter Editor  

Sara Johnson


Debra Brayton      



Have a senior?  Buy your Grad Night ticket now for the lowest price of the year!  Visit www.davisgradnight.org.  Be sure to also read about submitting your student’s kindergarten photo for a special reveal at Grad Night.  Meanwhile, save the date for June 14, 2019!

What is it? Davis Grad Night is a fun, safe and sober all night graduation celebration for all graduating seniors from the four high schools within Davis Joint Unified School District (Davis Senior High School, DaVinci High School, Martin Luther King High School and DSIS).  Grad Night was developed in 1985 in response to a growing problem of alcohol-related car accidents and deaths involving high school graduates on graduation night.  Grad Night is a community volunteer effort, with hundreds of volunteers from all over Davis working together on a project that provides a fun, safe and sober event for our graduates in place of gatherings and parties that may facilitate drinking and driving.  The party is held at Emerson Junior High School, with the entire campus transformed into a night club filled with activities, hundreds of raffle prizes and an all-night cafe.  The decorations theme changes every year and is top secret until it is revealed at Grad Night. About 90% of the graduating class attends the event.

How can you help?  This event requires hundreds of people to make it happen and planning is starting now!  Watch this video about the volunteers that make it happen!  https://youtu.be/CzF6gNnJbUk
We need leads in several areas.  See the list below and grab some friends for an experience you will never forget!
Decorating areas:  Covered Courtyard, Foyer/inside check-in, Front Entrance, Raffle Area, Stadium Game Area

Beverages and Ice


Activities:  Bingo, Graffiti Wall, Gym Activities
Thank You Letters to Sponsors/Donors

Please email info@davisgradnight.org to volunteer.




2017-18 PTA accomplishments:


• Graphic Tablets were purchased for the Art Department.

• A Compassion Garden was built by the Special Education Department.

• A Stage Platform Riser Caddy Cart was purchased for the Music Dept. and Brunelle Theater.

• Cameras and Lenses were purchased for the Blue Devil HUB.

• A new kiln was purchased for the Ceramics classes to replace the broken kiln.

• Document Cameras were purchased for the Math Department.

• Digital Translators were purchased for the Counseling Department.

• Chromebooks were purchased for the Library.

• Printing materials were purchased for the Photography classes.

• Graphing Calculators were purchased for the Math Department.

• Digital interactive maps were purchased for the Social Sciences Department.

• Books were purchased for the English Department.

• Hospitality items were purchased to support the staff at Department Breakfasts and such.

• The Gap Year Fair was hosted by the PTA.

• Davis Parent University received a grant to help bring many amazing speakers to Davis parents this year.


2016-17 PTA accomplishments:


  • Monthly free Financial Literacy classes for DHS students
  • PTA will be awarding nearly $25,000 in grants to DHS teachers through its Partners In Education program.  Some of the grants awarded  include:
    •  Chromebooks to help accelerate instruction among DHS English Language Learners’ and students facing learning challenges.
    •  Brunelle Theater audio system upgrades, thus giving students involved with audio production leading-edge equipment to use and learn with -- and enabling a higher-quality theater experience for performers and audiences.
    •  Google Cardboard virtual reality glasses which will enable students to “travel” on virtual field trips to such destinations as Versailles, the Grand Canyon and Civil War Battlefields
    •  Innovative curriculum and instructional materials for special education students


2015-16 PTA accomplishments:

  • PTA awarded over $20,000 to the DHS community through its Partners in Education (PIE) grants and will donate additional money by the end of the 2016 school year.
  • PTA survey.
  • PTA Parent Education presented 2 programs that ranged from college finance to student stress management.
  • PTA Hospitality continues to host meals and snacks to thank DHS Teachers/Staff throughout the school year.
  • PTA sends out announcements via our parent listservs and publish monthly newsletters to keep the DHS community informed.