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Davis Senior High School Parent-Teacher Organization

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    Class of 2021 Scholarships Winners:

    PTA award is not a college scholarship but an award to recognize student growth during high school. It can be used to help a graduate begin his/her next steps. Students are asked to submit a creative entry to their 9th-grade self describing their high school experience, what they learned, and how it will help them navigate Davis Senior High School.

    Marleyna Adler - PTA selected Marleyna's video entry because it merged the mediums of photos, text and music to represent the roller coaster of high school and the support students give and receive from one another to help make it through.

    Joseph Fields - Joseph wrote a paragraph about why students need to NOT procrastinate as it will steal their time. PTA selected this entry because the advice will make a huge difference and help students succeed at DHS.

    Lang Bledsoe - PTA selected Lang's flyer entry because the infographics and suggestions covered a variety of ideas and summed up DHS into a quick and easily understood medium that will engage students who might not take the time to read an essay.

    Danika Greiner - PTA selected Danika's essay because it addressed the realities of DHS academics and reassures students that they can succeed despite some obstacles they will come across.

    Rose Moylan - Rose created a painting demonstrating the challenges of growing up towards your future while still living in the present. PTA selected this entry because the advice is universal for life and should be followed during teenage years and beyond.

    Zeynep Tunckol - Zeynep created a poem describing the personal
    growth that happens during high school. PTA selected this entry because it was an honest account of the good and the hard that students will face, ultimately graduating with a smile.

    Felix Yang - Felix wrote an essay about the “ideals of Davis” and DJUSD. PTA selected this entry because it addresses stereotypes and moves beyond labels to show the benefits of growing up and attending Davis public schools.

    Emma Falk - Emma has been awarded the PTA's first ever Gap Year Scholarship. PTA is excited to help bridge to this next phase of life as this student studies German and lives in Germany before hopefully attending college there the following year.

    Sophomore/Junior Summer Stipend Winners: Congratulations to the five 10th and 11th-grade students who won Davis High School PTA Summer Stipends in recognition of their individual growth or community enrichment over the past challenging year. All of the submissions were compelling and it was difficult to choose just five. Thank you to everyone who applied. It was inspiring to hear how students approached this year to grow and make a difference in our community. Awards were given to Ciena Barrera, Caroline Elise Johnson, Holt Klineberg, Jared Umphress and Joshua Xu




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    Topic: Special DSHS PTA Meeting: Teacher and Staff Lounge Refresh Proposal
    Time: Jul 7, 2021 07:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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