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Davis High School



Davis Senior High School

315 W. 14th Street

Davis, CA  95616

Phone: 530.757.5400

Fax: 530.575.5492



Interim Principal, Tom McHale

Head Counselor, Courtney Tessler

Admistrative, Kate Prien

Get the FAQs

As a way to help the counselors efficiently respond to as many parents' questions as possible, your class's List Server Administrator will assist them by facilitating FAQs through your Class List Server. The Administrator will organize the questions, eliminate repetitions, and e-mail the counselors' responses to all subscribers via the list server. The list server is an appropriate forum to address general questions. For questions that involve your student's privacy, please contact your student's counselor directly.  Due to the high volume of work DSHS counselors have with current 10th, 11th and 12th grade students please understand that they cannot meet with 9th grade parents.