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WHAT IF . . .

You signed up and are wondering why you haven't received any email.  Common causes for not receiving mail:

  • Have you completed the two required steps in signing up?
    Step 1. Fill out the sign-up form.
    Step 2. Send back the email requesting you to confirm your email address.

  • Have you changed your email address since you signed up?
    Step 1. Unsubscribe your old address.
    Step 2. Subscribe your new address.

  • Have you checked your email filter and/or safe list?
    If you have activated your email filter but have not added our listserver address to your protected list (a.k.a. "safe list," "buddy list," or "whitelist"), your software may automatically delete or divert our email to your junk mail folder instead of your inbox. If you've subscribed to multiple lists, you can use the domain, and as common criteria to customize your filter or safe list. You can also specify by selecting from the criteria below.


List Header/Domain Containing
DHS PTA Listserver To and
From and
Subject (Prefix) [DHS PTA]
Sender and
Daily Bulletin Listserver To and
From 1. To receive bulletin : and

2. To process e-mail address confirmation during sign-up : and
Subject (Prefix) [DHS Bulletin]
Class Listservers for Parents Note: please replace "x" with the year, e.g. "dhs2014" instead of "dhs200x". If you use a high level setting for your spam filter, in order to process e-mail address confirmation during sign-up, make sure you customize your filter BEFORE you submit the form. If you haven't received the confirmation request within a day, please check your filter and re-submit the form.
From To process e-mail address confirmation during sign-up: and
To and
Sender and
Subject (Prefix) [DHS200x]
For email via listserver Domain, and
For regular PTA email Domain and