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What's Available


DSHS families to receive school-wide Announcements from the high school, the District, and PTA, including the monthly newsletters. This listserver is ideal for parents who want the essential information and not heavy email traffic.  


Months when there is no General PTA meeting, a PTA newsletter is created and emailed to all members.


Daily Bulletins are made up of school-related announcements intended for students. They are compiled by the high school, not PTA. They are broadcast via the PA system, read or posted in class, they are also posted at the school's office, library and website. Students are encouraged to be resourceful and to keep themselves informed.


Is maintained year-round by a volunteer webmaster to provide additional resources for the DHS-PTA community.  If you have questions or suggestions, please contact the PTA President @


Booster clubs often have their own website, listserver and newsletter (see Booster Clubs).   "HUB" newspaper is available in the school library (see HUB))


Guidelines for submitting information to the PTA newsletter, listserver and website:

When you send an announcement to the address at, volunteers responsible for the newsletter, listserver, and website will simultaneously receive your message and will help you disseminate it to the DHS community through the appropriate channel(s). This is a permanent address to help streamline school-wide and district-wide communications. Submitting before the newsletter deadline will ensure your message will reach all DHS families, whether they have Internet access or not.   See Submission Guidelines & Deadlines.   

DHS Daily Bulletin:

Announcements for the Daily Bulletin need to be sent directly to Please DON'T send submissions for non-school events even if they are geared towards students, because they won't be included in the Daily Bulletin.  Many parents find the Daily Bulletins informative. To receive them directly via email, please fill out a simple form to sign up for the Daily Bulletin Listserver. The DHS secretary sends the bulletin out in the afternoon of the preceding school day.